Antoine & Shaunte Kinch

Antoine & Shaunte Kinch

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Shaunté and Antoine met while they were attending college in different states. Shaunté was in Virginia and Antoine was in Massachusetts. They were both visiting Hampton University for their homecoming in 1997. There was at a boat cruise party on the "Spirit of Norfolk". Antoine had to muster up the courage to ask Shaunté for her phone number in fear of never seeing her again. They kept in touch as friends and Antoine moved to California after graduation in 1999, while Shaunté stayed in Virginia. They decided to start dating in 2013 although, then Shaunté was living in San Jose, CA and Antoine was living in Raleigh, NC.  Shaunté moved to Raleigh and they wed on November 21, 2015.
Shaunté holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Old Dominion University. She is a partner in a lean healthcare consultancy and owns Raine, a management and IT firm in partnership with Antoine.

Antoine holds a duel Bachelor's degree in communications and computer science from Boston College. He is the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology at an investment bank. He is also a disc jockey under the persona "DJ Complex".

They both love music, dancing, traveling, great food and family. Their mantra is "Tomorrow is not promised, live every day like it's your last". The world often celebrates relationships that have drama and dysfunction. The media often paints a negative and stereotypical portrayal of people of color. Shaunté and Antoine are using this platform to share opportunities and expose options that everyone isn't aware of. As they continue to grow, they want to be an inspiration by:

  • Spreading positive perceptions of love and relationships
  • Diversifying the face of travel
  • Motivating others to strive for excellence in everything
  • Bring love and commitment back in style
  • Showcasing adventures and opportunities of their friends and extended network

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