Experience life through the eyes of a loving, newlywed couple. Find out different tips and tricks to make your own adventures successful, whether domestic or international. Follow us around the world and on our life journey!

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The Couple

What started out as a friendship, changed in 2013 when Shaunté was on a date in California and sent Antoine (who was living in Raleigh at the time) a text that would lead to a hilarious exchange and plans being made for their first official date in New Orleans at the Essence festival.

How we met

Their Story

Antoine met Shaunté in 1997. He was attending university at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and she was at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. They were both visiting friends for Hampton University's Homecoming. They kept in touch over the years. 16 years later, their story as a couple would begin.

The Proposal

The Adventures

Shaunté and Antoine share the love of travel. Even before they got engaged they took many trips with friends to different parts of the world. Antoine set a goal of seeing all seven wonders of the world before his 40th birthday. Shaunté enjoys beaches, wine from Italy, Spain and California's Napa Valley, as well as southeast Asian cuisine.

Follow their adventures, not only around the world but as they figure out married life and navigate the challenges of "adulting".